About Us

About Us

Moi Educational Centre provides a competitive, high-quality education. Its fundamental principles are centered on the integral development of the child, valuing academic and professional success, based on culture, attitudes, practices and values that contribute to the growth of the individual.

Moi Educational Centre is an inclusive and culturally diverse school. We provide a warm community atmosphere where learners are inspired to learn and be ambitious for the future. We are proud of our emphasis on academic excellence and view success as the key to the door of future opportunities.

Central to the life at school is our Christian ethos, underpinned by our values of Godliness, Diligence, Team work, integrity and Courtesy.  Learners are at the heart of our vision; every child that comes through our door will be cherished, inspired and helped to grow in faith and develop academically and socially.  We nurture and develop all rounded individuals who are confident in their social and academic ability, compassionate and ambitious for themselves and for others, and know that, with God’s guidance, everything is possible.

Our commitment to academic excellence and personal well-being is total.  Our vision is summed up by our motto: ‘Strive for excellence’ which is driven by all staff in a common endeavor to improve the life chances of all students.”

The freedom to innovate and excite through learning is at the heart of our Educational Philosophy. An enquiry based approach to learning is at the centre of our development and is a fundamental focus for our curriculum, ensuring that learners have a relevant and focused education that enables them to develop their skills and understanding to move into the world beyond school.

Our Vision

To be the most successful and respected institution of learning

Our Mission

To provide and maintain quality and sustainable education through hard work and enhanced personal development in partnership with all stakeholders.