Senior Teacher’s Message

Senior Teacher’s Message
The early years of a child’s life Marks the beginning of his/ her  journey which must be handled with a lot of care. It entails all the developmental stages that is, physical, emotional and behavioral. This will determine who a child will become as an adult and therefore must be nurtured in the correct way.  
Moi Educational Centre provides all that is needed to achieve all these. The spacious classrooms, big playground with modern facilities and to sum it up, well trained teachers says it all. 
The new curriculum emphasizes more on practical skills that is, what a child can do rather than being obsessed  with reproduction of content for the purposes of passing an exam. It seeks to produce individuals who are innovative, problem solvers, good decision makers in short, someone who is independent and responsible and for that case, Moi Educational Centre has ensured  facilities,  resources and skills that can help learners achieve all that and become holistically rounded individuals.
Yours Sincerely,
Beatrice Wagga,
Senior Teacher MEC Pre-School