Student Life

Educating the body, mind and soul
Our Core Values

Our commitment is to provide excellent education in a caring, happy environment, where each child develops self-confidence and achieves his/her full potential. These values include Godliness, diligence, integrity, teamwork, self-reliance and social responsibility.



At Moi Educational Centre, we believe that reading is a vital skill for every child and we wish to promote culture for reading and gathering knowledge in all our children.

Our school library is central to all learning within the school and pupils are exposed to a wide range of all resources that help them not only access fiction books and fun reads but also non-fiction resources to help with school topics and homework.

We also believe in promoting library skills to children from early years so that they gain the life skill of knowing how to access suitable information; something that they will need in secondary schools and later, if they proceed to Further or Higher Education.

Computer Lab

Our pupils are prepared for a rapidly changing world through the use of technology at MEC. Our learning environments are equipped with sufficient computers and an interactive whiteboard, which are fully networked.

Computing skills are taught both discretely and in cross-curricular, supporting other areas of learning. At lower levels, children are taught basic computer skills and how to use devices and software confidently and purposefully, to communicate and handle information and to support their problem solving, recording and expressive skills.

Computer Lab
Student Clubs

Clubs & Societies

Moi Educational Centre provides a wide range of extracurricular activities, which take place every week. We have a vibrant set of clubs and societies that nurture the talents of children and aim at making them professionals.

They provide opportunities for pupils to take part, learn, develop skills, have fun and undertake roles of responsibility in running them.

These clubs and societies meet regularly throughout the school year and offer a range of activities, often highly regarded and always of great interest, that promote discussions and enable them to extend their understanding of matters well beyond the curriculum.

“As part of our commitment to educating and developing the whole child, we recognize the importance of providing a wide range of co-curricular activities.”

Academic Trips

Quite apart from the enrichment and extension opportunities provided by trips and visits, it is important that pupils see the relevance of their learning in the wider world.

To this end, we organize a whole range of class and club trips and excursions to various places both nationally and internationally.

Pupils also take part in field trips for science, social and environmental studies, and innovation. There is most definitely a world beyond MEC and we aim to see as much of it as possible.

Academic Trips
House Systems

House Systems

All pupils at MEC belong to one of four Houses. Allegiance to Houses is strong and pupils compete in a spirit of friendly rivalry to ensure that the best House wins each year!

This might be in inter-house competitions such as academics, athletes, swimming, football, debating and public speaking or science.

Pupils at MEC realize how privileged they are, and therefore acknowledge their responsibility to others. In Prep, the four Houses are Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.