About Us

About Us

Moi Educational Centre provides a competitive, high-quality education. Its fundamental principles are centered on the integral development of the child, valuing academic and professional success, based on culture, attitudes, practices and values that contribute to the growth of the individual.

We strive to build self-reliant, critical thinkers, creative learners, who have the necessary skills and abilities to perform well at a personal, social and professional level, thus allowing them to pursue their studies, and actively integrate into a rapidly changing and increasingly globalized society.

On the other hand, we aim to develop an appreciation of the various talents, thus encouraging creativity. It is also our ambition to promote healthy lifestyles, encouraging physical activity and sports, whilst instilling safe conduct in our learners, so that these can be put into practice in their daily lives.

Finally, in accordance with our guiding principles, we reiterate the great importance we give to the education of values and affections, in order to instill a cognitive, moral and aesthetic sensibility in our learners. As such, by exploring their critical spirit, we aim to promote responsibility, autonomy, citizenship and efficacy in our learners.

Our Vision

To be the most successful and respected institution of learning

Our Mission

To provide and maintain quality and sustainable education through hard work and enhanced personal development in partnership with all stakeholders.